You can find a lot of information about working at Holland Casino on this site. If you have any questions, please check this overview of answers to frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question, a recruitment officer will be happy to provide you with an answer.  

1. Has my application been received?
Once you have submitted your application, you will see a notification on your screen to confirm your application has been sent successfully. You will subsequently receive an email to confirm it has been received.  Once you have seen those confirmations, you can be assured that we have received your application.

2. What is the status of my application?
We aim to send an initial response to your application within a week. If you have not heard from us after a week, please feel free to get in touch with us.

3. What is the atmosphere like for employees at Holland Casino?
We believe it is important to be friendly and engaged with our customers and you will see that our employees have the same attitude to each other. The atmosphere is informal, and we all have our sights set on the same goal: creating a pleasant and surprising moment for our guests. The various teams also regularly organise fun activities outside working hours.     

4. I would like an internship at Holland Casino. Is that possible? 
Yes, that is possible. We have various options for internships at both MBO and HBO level, at our casinos and at our head office. Have a look at the vacancies for an up-to-date list of options.

5. Can I send an open application?
We do not offer that option, as we believe it is important for you to make a deliberate choice from the various opportunities we offer.  If there is no vacancy that suits you at the moment, you can set up a job alert.

6. Can I take a training course at Holland Casino or move up in the company itself?
Of course! When you start working for us, we begin by teaching you a lot about Holland Casino. Depending on the job, we offer you opportunities to follow professional training courses, e-learning courses and management courses. We also have a Management Development programme to guide and train management talent internally.

7. What are the working hours at Holland Casino?
The working hours depend on the job and where you are employed. All our casinos are open late into the night.  We work with flexible schedules, in which you can indicate what hours you would prefer to work for each period. 

8. What are the employment terms at Holland Casino?
In addition to a pleasant atmosphere and great colleagues, we like to take good care of you at Holland Casino. The employment terms depend on your job, but the standard contract includes at least 25 vacation days and 8.3% holiday bonus pay.

9. I don’t see a suitable vacancy at Holland Casino right now. What is the best thing to do?
It is a pity that there is no suitable vacancy for you at the moment. We would like to offer you the opportunity to set up a job alert. That means you will be the first to know about vacancies that appear and that meet your requirements. 

10. What kind of people work at Holland Casino?
Holland Casino employees are people who have hospitality in their DNA. Our employees are energetic and customer-focused. They are always enthusiastic and friendly and have a healthy sense of humour. Plus we attach enormous importance to integrity and honesty.

11. I have sent my application. What happens next?
Our recruitment team will assess your application and they will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can find the next steps in the explanation of the application procedure.

12. Where is Holland Casino located?
Holland Casino’s head office is in Hoofddorp and we have 14 casinos right across the country.

13. How do you become a Croupier? Does that require experience?
The job of croupier is a unique job at Holland Casino. This is why we train you for that job internally, during a fully paid training course.

14. What makes working at Holland Casino special?
Working at Holland Casino means working in a unique environment. We are the only real casino in the country for a reason! We offer our guests exciting times, and always strive to provide a 9+ experience. You and your colleagues contribute to that experience every single day, whether you work at one of our casinos or at our head office.

15. Why is a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) required to work at Holland Casino?
Our priority is to provide a safe and responsible gaming environment for our guests and that is why we require a VOG from all our employees. 

16. I am looking for a part-time job while I study. Is that also possible at Holland Casino?
Yes, that is definitely possible. We have various jobs at our casinos that you can easily combine with your studies. You would work primarily at weekends and in the evenings, so you have ample time to study during the day. You do have to be at least 18 years old to work for us.

17. I would like to work for you, but have not worked in a casino before. Do I still have a chance?
Yes, absolutely. We consider it more important that you are a good fit for Holland Casino as a person, so experience is not always required. We have various training courses that prepare you for your job.

18. I would like to work for an organisation that also has a social function. What does Holland Casino do on that front?
Just like you, Holland Casino considers that to be important. We are engaged with our surroundings and we are aware of the impact we have on the environment and society. We take the well-being of our guests and employees very seriously and support local and national initiatives, such as the ALS foundation, Ronald McDonald charities, the Roparun foundation and the Dutch Heart foundation (Hartstichting). We also have a number of positions for employees with work disabilities. We have an exemplary role in the gaming sector and we share our valuable expertise about the casino market. 

19. Can I contact the Recruitment team by telephone?
Our recruitment team will be happy to talk to you. You can reach them during office hours at +31 (0)23-7502033.

20. Can I contact the Recruitment team by email?
Of course. You can get in touch with the recruitment team via recruitment@hollandcasino.nl. They will respond to your email as quickly as possible.