Our social mission

Responsible, fair and safe gaming

Holland Casino was founded to provide people with a place for safe, fair and responsible gaming and an exceptional experience. This company was founded almost 45 years ago as a result of the societal need to offer legal gaming as an attractive and reliable alternative to illegal gaming. This social duty is reflected in everything we do and who we are: engaged, reliable, surprising and friendly.

Holland Casino offers every Dutch person over 18 years of age legal, safe and responsible access to the best gaming experience. With 14 casinos spread across the entire country, we provide the ultimate hospitality experience. We and our 3,500 employees work on this every single day.

Safe, fair and responsible

While our games are all about chance, we leave nothing to chance in our business operations. Our entire organisation is structured to ensure a safe, fair and responsible gaming experience. Even in a protected and reliable environment, there can be unhealthy and irresponsible gaming behaviour. Holland Casino’s greatest challenge is to find the right balance between freedom and responsibility. We give people the space to enjoy gaming, but we also help them to define and keep track of their limits.