We know our guests better than anyone.

We understand our guests. We know what drives them and what makes them happy. Based on this knowledge, we continually exceed their expectations, something that is reflected in our attention and our service. And for our regulars, we always aim to respond to their personal wishes with tailor-made gaming options and other services. We do all this on a daily basis with sincere commitment.



We innovate in the gaming market.

The world around us is constantly changing, and so are our guests. They have a wide range of options for how to spend their free time, and we realise that we have to constantly search for better solutions for our guests. One recent example is our NXT zones, where we introduce first-time gamers over the age of 25 to Holland Casino, with low stakes and interactive and social games. In our innovation labs, we are constantly on the lookout for new insights and innovations to offer safe, responsible and attractive games of chance. For and with our guests, both in our casinos and online.




We choose the best partners.

We know our own strengths. We know what we are good at. For qualities that we lack in-house or are weaker in, we seek out collaboration. We collaborate with regulators, care providers (including addiction care) and independent experts in our responsible gaming advisory group. We do this because we believe that corporate social responsibility is important. The partners we choose are a good fit with our core values and know how to work on the basis of the knowledge that we have gained about our guests. We are convinced that any collaboration must be as meaningful for us as for our partners. Always aimed at complementing each other and building towards and maintaining a solid position in the market.





We use the power of entrepreneurship.

Our employees excel at their work and at hospitality. They are able to offer our guests the very best gaming experience, and are given the room to add their own spin to this experience. Our people are encouraged to develop their talents. They are firmly connected to society and adapt to the world around us. We listen to and learn from our employees, because only then can we provide the best total experience for the guests in our casinos.



We contribute to a better society.

We have a duty to offer safe and responsible gaming. We are engaged with our environment, and the care for our guests is one of our core tasks. We ensure that our guests can game safely, fairly and responsibly. Our systems are organised so that we can quickly recognise and address warning signs, such as an increase in the frequency of visits or a change in spending patterns. Our employees take their social responsibility seriously and undergo intensive training. They know what to look out for and how they can take action. We keep a critical eye on our own performance in this regard.